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ECO – Doors – Patio

ECO – Doors – Patio

executive-patio-270x300Patio Doors

Our eco-sliding doors are built to enhance attractiveness of your home while welcoming your friends and love-ones to come inside.  One of the most innovative and popular patio door systems offered with a ton of natural light, ultimate thermal performance and sound abatement. Multi-chamber profiles willed with thermal foam, triple weather stripping solution virtually eliminate outside noise.  Various type of highest efficient glass units, supported with revolutionary Super Spacer® technology that blocks temperature transfers, lower sill design provides safer entry and exit, both fixed and mobile panel rails meet and interlock perfectly providing effort-less use every day.  All of our sliding doors are design to create a welcoming point of access when in the yard, made of high quality glossy and durable uiPVC which prevents from corrosion, rotting, or warping over time. Super Tough Tempered glass on both panes comes standard and offers security and peace of mind for your family. Strong galvanized stainless steel mono-rail track, and heavy duty zinc tandem rollers provide a lifetime of effortless operation.

Performance eco-line PD
Executive eco-line PD

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ECO – Doors – Garage

ECO – Doors – Garage

garage-mainGarage Doors

At Eco Windows & Doors, we always stand for our customers to make sure we bring to their homes high quality, eco-friendly products while offering competitive pricing; with garage doors is no different.  Our executives spent so much time to look for perfect garage door that will provide high quality, durability, and energy efficiency to your homes. All of our green-garage doors will be an extension of your home, safe tool used to park your vehicle, and essential decorative match.

All of our eco-garage doors come with exclusively designed HEAVY DUTY hardware package that is standard for every door series that you choose for your home.


Powder coated springs with rust prevention technology and high durability
10 Ball rollers including 2 long stem bottom rollers delivering effortless performance
EBF-end bearing flanges
14 ga. wide body hinges
Hardened fasteners with rust-prevention technology (galvanized & coated)
14 ga. horizontal & vertical track

ECO – Doors – Entry

ECO – Doors – Entry

entry-door-4-227x300Entry Doors

For our entry door collection we have partnered with Indiana based HGI Company to deliver over 25 years of combined experience and product development strategies right to your door. Eco doors are built to be energy efficient, provide the highest level of security, and enhance the look of your home.  Lovely stained and painted finishes will highlight the art of decorative glass and deluxe hardware options.

Our Eco-steel doors are built using an all- steel construction for security and durability; they are heavier than any competitor’s doors and last for much longer.

Our newest line of Fiberglass entry doors are constructed with state-of-the-art technology using laminated composite rails and high impact skins to provide wood-like finish, strength, and durability for a lifetime.

All of our doors come with HCFC Free Green Foam that saves our Planet and more energy for your beautiful home.

entry-door-191x300our next new Eco-Steel Door features:

*HGI’s Exclusive Timberframe® only-composite frame offers the look of real wood and it is completely maintenance free. The Timberframe® will not warp, rot, ,old, or wick water and it can be stained to match all HGI door stains.

*Magnetic Weather-stripping utilizes refrigerator technology to provide a durable, year-round comfort and energy efficiency.

*All doors feature steel edge construction and are fully insulated with an inner core of environmentally friendly polyurethane foam and offer a superior R-factor of 15.1 for the ultimate energy conservation.

*The door bottom weather-strips slides off and on for easy replacement.

*Our exclusive L-shape frames provide the next measure of security and strength.

*HGI’s Composite Lock Block has more screws holding power than wood.

Your next new Eco-Fiberglass Door features:

*Deep detailed embossments create a real wood door look and touch without any maintenance required.

*All Eco-fiberglass doors are available in both a smooth finish and woodgrain texture. These doors can be painted in any of our 16 decorator colors on hand-stained in your choice of our 7 Ironwood stains.

*Special exterior rails are used on the perimeter to shut out moisture from all Eco-Fiberglass doors. Patented HGI